Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day Two - The Dreaded Return

Thursday, May 19th 2016 - Another night where sleep eluded me.  Why didn't I just have them send my final checks in the mail?  I didn't want to go in.  If I didn't already have business in town to take care of there's a good chance I would have just sent a cowardly email requesting them to mail the checks.

Since I had other appointments, I dressed a bit more nicer than I usually do.  I'm glad that twist of fate influenced my attire, otherwise it probably would have been sweatpants and a tee shirt.  Slacks and a collard shirt was just the right amount of confidence I needed to get through this.

My timing was perfect.  I arrived just as the receptionist was coming back from lunch.  No awkward "ring for service" moment.  While my check was being retrieved I made an awkward walk past my former desk.  Was happy to see my favorite hoodie still slung over the chair which I retrieved.

Most everyone was to burred in their work to notice me, either that or just avoided eye contact all together which I guess is understood.. really.. what do you say to me?  "How's it going?"

I was a bit surprised that when my checks were brought out they were short.  Just didn't make sense and even less so that I had to point out the error.  Since they were only two-days short I told them to just mail it and I really don't see myself coming back anytime soon.

I had the good fortune of catching someone in the elevator that I had missed saying goodbye too.  It was nice chatting with someone I consider a friend to take the edge off my emotions.  A friendly hug for good luck and off I went.

Pulling out of the parking lot for the last time wasn't as emotional as I had thought it would be.  In fact, I felt a sense of relief and anticipation for the possibilities that are now open to me.  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy popped into my head and I started singing to myself "So long and thanks for all the fish!  So sad that it should come to this; We tried to warn you all but oh dear - You may not share our intellect; Which might explain your disrespect; For all the natural wonders that grow around you!

So long, so long and thanks for all the fish!

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