Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week One - Dazed And Overwhelmed

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 - Rounding off the first week things are still a blur.  Random paperwork arrives in the mail mostly from the Department of Labor that's basically their website in hardcopy format.  I have to say I'm impressed at how quickly they react, haven't seen anything from my healthcare provider or 401K firm.

My true course of action is still a bit unclear.  My instincts are to "get er done" and aggressively find new employment but the zen side of me is urging a more laid back approach.  Self employment is really what I want but the whole healthcare aspect is presenting a giant initial hurdle.  If this wasn't a single income household this would be a totally different situation and more akin to winning the lotto.  Fighting that resentment will be a bit of a challenge but one I can overcome.

There are still quite a few administrative tasks that need to be done before I can fully concentrate on the income replacement aspect.  I also need a good block of undistracted time to sort out my path.

I am proud of myself for handling this first week with grace.  No regrets on any decisions I've made so far.

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